Thursday, January 23, 2014

Acme Fibres order

I was looking for a place to order Hiya Hiya needles and accessories and came across a post on the Hiya Hiya forum on Ravelry about good places for Canadians to order from. I noticed the owner of Acme Fibres was active there and was friendly to people asking questions so I went to check over the site but some of the stuff I wanted wasn't in stock. I messaged the owner and she wrote back quickly to let me know she had an order coming in. I asked her to pm me when the order came in and she did so right away. I placed my order on the 20th it was shipped on the 22nd and I received my order on the 23rd! I love ordering from Canadian stores, shipping is so much faster!

The order came in very prettily packaged (the cats had much, supervised, fun with the ribbon).

Here is what I got: 
2.5us/3mm 5' Sharp needle tips, 60"/62" cable, 32"/34" and 40"42 Knit Saver cables.
Interchangeable Cable Connectors, and some free knitting safety pins!

I'm really anxious to try the Knit Saver cables, they have holes on the side of the metal connector to make it easier to pass a lifeline through your knitting. These will be useful when I start my wedding shawl.

I'm really happy with this order, I've found my go-to place for Hiya Hiya products!

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