Thursday, January 19, 2012

50 projects in 2012

50 projects in 2012

I have a list of things I plan to do in the year but it's such a pain to transfer it from Word to Blogger I just decided to make a page that I update when I'm done each project.

1. Psychedelic crab mitten. The first thing I ever knit! Full of mistakes, weird looking, and unwearable but I knit it :)

 2. Mini Rag Quilt for kitties. I have a lot of leftover squares from when I did my giant rag quilt a couple years ago so I decided to use a few to make the cats a cozy rug to sleep on. It currently lives in an old shoe box that Sita loves to lay in and destroy lol.

3. First socks! I knit my first ever socks! The first one has quite a few mistakes in it but the second one was much better, they are wearable and very comfy :)

4. Hexipuffs! This is more of a huge Work In Progress (WIP) but I am happy I started it, these little cuties are so much fun to knit.

5. Crochet Purse. This wasn't really a complete project, I just finished it. However I'm so happy I finally finished it! Now I have no idea what to do with it LOL.

6. Ruba'iyat Mittens. I took a class to make these and I am SO happy with the result.

7. Seraphina Shawlette. I ran out of yarn so I decided to make this into a shawlette, that was a great idea I love wearing this.

8. Cat blanket for SPCA. I'm trying to make a few blankets to donate to the SPCA. While waiting for my needles I decided to use some old granny squares I had laying around and make them into a blanket.

 9. Musica Gloves. Made these for my friend Michelle who is studying music at University.

New blog :)

Yay a crafting blog :3

I thought I might start a blog since in the new year I have taken on a couple of crafting challenges and I wanted a place to keep it all together.

From Craftster I decided to take on the 50 projects in a year challenge. I have decided on a few of them already but mostly I'll just go with the flow. There will be some crossover with my knitting challenge too.

From Ravelry I joined a group to get 12 socks done in 2012. My first pair is done, and I am waiting for my yarn and needles to arrive to star on my February socks :)