Thursday, December 27, 2012

New year!

It has been nearly a year now since I have started knitting! I've progressed in leaps and bounds and my love of knitting has only grown! In the new year I would like to keep better track on here of all the things I am working on. I would also like to add other things like my fitness journey, recipe reviews, book reviews, other craftiness, basically what my life consists of :) I'd also like to take more pictures!

January is a clear off the needles and start anew month for me. I wish I could have done this in December but there was Giftmas knitting to be done :) First thing that needs to be done is my grandmothers shawl, she is turning 85 on Jan. 13 and we are celebrating it on the 5th so this weekend is dedicated to finishing this shawl.

Knits to finish in January:

Gran's shawl - I want you shawl
Geysir Stretch
Angelus - This one has been languishing for a while, the cable edging is taking me FOREVER to finish.
Alostratus - I'm really enjoying this knit!

I would also like to knit a vanilla sock with a sweet tomato heel in January to get myselfback in the sock knitting groove and ready for my first shipment of the COOKIE A SOCK CLUB in February! I am SO excited for this club! My goal is to knit at least one pair of socks from each shipment, of course ideally I would knit both, but realistically I will aim for one.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I made my first order from them today and so far I am impressed! I love that free shipping with orders over 75$ applies to Canada also and not just the US. Most online shops located in the US tend to ignore their Northern cousins. What impressed me even more is that my order was marked as shipped 4 hours after it was placed, that is quick!

Here is what I ordered:
2 skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Tern and Smokestack (2 of 5 skeins that I need to knit the All the Shades of Truth shawl

Also a bunch of random notions that I needed:
Tapestry needles, cable needles, stitch holder, emergency fix keychain, Interchangeable cables in 47" and 60", circular harmony wood needles in size 2/3mm, circular nickle-plated needles in size 3/3.25mm, Zephyr interchangeable tip in size 15

I'll take a picture of everything, and give a full review when I receive my package.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Woops! + Challenges

Woops kind of forgot about this blog didn't I?! I'm keeping records of everything I knit on Ravelry so I forgot to post in my blog!

Anyways I've been knitting away since I started in January and I've been learning very quickly! I've decided to set myself some little challenges for the next few months, here they are:

August: Finish all the WIP's in my Ravelry project list besides my ongoing projects (Hexipuffs, SPCA blankets, & Spiral cat bed) and my sweater, I'll give myself a bit more time on that one! 3 weeks to finish 5 projects.

September: Knit all the acrylic! I have a lot of acrylic left from when I crocheted more than knit and it needs to be used up! I've been using some to knit the cat blankets but I have some slightly nicer acrylic that I want to use up. So I'm challenging myself to knit up at least 3 things in acrylic yarn (yick!) in September.

October: Any project I start in October must be from a pattern I have previously bought and not yet used. I have a bunch that I prebought and didn't CO right away. I hope to get at least 3 projects done, depending how big they are.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

50 projects in 2012

50 projects in 2012

I have a list of things I plan to do in the year but it's such a pain to transfer it from Word to Blogger I just decided to make a page that I update when I'm done each project.

1. Psychedelic crab mitten. The first thing I ever knit! Full of mistakes, weird looking, and unwearable but I knit it :)

 2. Mini Rag Quilt for kitties. I have a lot of leftover squares from when I did my giant rag quilt a couple years ago so I decided to use a few to make the cats a cozy rug to sleep on. It currently lives in an old shoe box that Sita loves to lay in and destroy lol.

3. First socks! I knit my first ever socks! The first one has quite a few mistakes in it but the second one was much better, they are wearable and very comfy :)

4. Hexipuffs! This is more of a huge Work In Progress (WIP) but I am happy I started it, these little cuties are so much fun to knit.

5. Crochet Purse. This wasn't really a complete project, I just finished it. However I'm so happy I finally finished it! Now I have no idea what to do with it LOL.

6. Ruba'iyat Mittens. I took a class to make these and I am SO happy with the result.

7. Seraphina Shawlette. I ran out of yarn so I decided to make this into a shawlette, that was a great idea I love wearing this.

8. Cat blanket for SPCA. I'm trying to make a few blankets to donate to the SPCA. While waiting for my needles I decided to use some old granny squares I had laying around and make them into a blanket.

 9. Musica Gloves. Made these for my friend Michelle who is studying music at University.

New blog :)

Yay a crafting blog :3

I thought I might start a blog since in the new year I have taken on a couple of crafting challenges and I wanted a place to keep it all together.

From Craftster I decided to take on the 50 projects in a year challenge. I have decided on a few of them already but mostly I'll just go with the flow. There will be some crossover with my knitting challenge too.

From Ravelry I joined a group to get 12 socks done in 2012. My first pair is done, and I am waiting for my yarn and needles to arrive to star on my February socks :)