Friday, August 10, 2012

Woops! + Challenges

Woops kind of forgot about this blog didn't I?! I'm keeping records of everything I knit on Ravelry so I forgot to post in my blog!

Anyways I've been knitting away since I started in January and I've been learning very quickly! I've decided to set myself some little challenges for the next few months, here they are:

August: Finish all the WIP's in my Ravelry project list besides my ongoing projects (Hexipuffs, SPCA blankets, & Spiral cat bed) and my sweater, I'll give myself a bit more time on that one! 3 weeks to finish 5 projects.

September: Knit all the acrylic! I have a lot of acrylic left from when I crocheted more than knit and it needs to be used up! I've been using some to knit the cat blankets but I have some slightly nicer acrylic that I want to use up. So I'm challenging myself to knit up at least 3 things in acrylic yarn (yick!) in September.

October: Any project I start in October must be from a pattern I have previously bought and not yet used. I have a bunch that I prebought and didn't CO right away. I hope to get at least 3 projects done, depending how big they are.

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