Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Goals!

I'm almost a month late posting this but better late than never right? I like to do this every year, instead of just a general resolution like "lose weight" I prefer to also set goals for myself each month. Smaller goals are easier and keep you on track better than one general resolution. I also like to set some knitting challenges each month, just for fun.

General Goals For the Year (plus January results):

Lose 40 lbs - I lost 5 so far for the month of January.
Do more yoga - Before my cold I was doing this once a week with J, have to get back to that. 
Work out 6 days a week - This isn't going well I have to get back on track!
Calorie Count every day - Not doing well with this either, however I'm eating MUCH better now.
Find a career I enjoy - still looking!
Knit 12 pairs of socks (I'm doing my own mystery sock club so every time I finish a pair I use a random number generator online to pick a new sock for me to do. I made up a google doc that links up my yarns with patterns and numbered them)- almost done my January pair, Business Casual.
Knit 4 sweaters - Started the Make a Wish Cardigan
Knit from stash, both yarn and pattern (buying yarn only at festivals or on a special trip and buying patterns only if it will help knit from stash)  - I haven't bought yarn or patterns yet this year.
See friends more often - This is going well! 

February goals:
Lose 5 pounds
Do yoga twice a week
Work out 6 times a week
Calorie count every weekday
Send out more CV's
Start February socks
Keep going on my Make a Wish cardigan
I'm going to Montreal so I will most likely be buying yarn but no patterns

February Knitting Challenges:
-Knit something red (Since yanno, v-day and stuff)
-Knit a pair of socks.
-Get 30 rows done on my Tardis blanket.

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