Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2013 round-up

I managed to get quite a few things knitted up or finished over the month of January! Unfortunately I didn't really get any blogging done but hey the end of the month is better than nothing isn't it?


1. Angelus I finally managed to finish this up! No pictures yet but I should be able to remedy that this weekend.
2. Raituli I love this hat pattern. I added in the hearts myself. It's really not in my colours so if ever someone I know really falls in love with it, it will be gifted.
3. Honey Cowl I dyed the yarn for this and it came out SO fantastic! I wasn't too sure about while knitting but it looks so great when worn! I still have to get some action pics for it.

4. Monkey Socks! I've signed up for the Cookie A sock club and I wanted to try out a Cookie A pattern before the first shipment so I chose the Monkeys. I LOVED knitting these, I knit them in 6 days!

5. Felicity I hate the pictures for this, it's SO much prettier on a real head! I knit this for my tattoo artist but I'll be knitting myself one very soon!

6. Antler hat I knit this for J, he really likes it and I find it suits him perfectly!

7. Brick Road I LOVE this cowl! So versatile, so many ways to wear it! I don't have any pictures yet since I finished at night and I haven't had any sunlight in which to take pics yet. So in the meantime you get to see the cute buttons I used.

Seven projects in one month, I'm pretty happy with myself :)


1. Hitchiker This is my purse knitting, which is always a project with no urgent finish time. I always like to keep something simple in my purse to knit on the bus or whenever I have to wait around with nothing to do. I have about 10 "teeth" left to knit.

2. Alostratus This is finally back on the needles after getting lots of other projects out of the way. I can't wait to finish my first garment!

3. Dragonfly wings I signed up for the booknits Valentine's MKAL so I'm knitting one of her other shawls as practice. I'm loving the cashmere yarn for this!

4. Gradient This is my current knit night project, sooooo soft and cloudy!

February Plans

1. Cookie A sock club! The first shipment is coming! I plan to knit one sock a month, so February should result in one pair of socks :P I'm SO excited for this!

2. Boo Knits Valentine's MKAL I can't wait to get all frustrated with my first full lace shawl lol, plus beads!

3. Snowbird I'd really like to cast this sweater on in Feb, it's so beautiful and I'd like to maybe get a bit of use out of it before the warmer months come along! I'm sure I won't be done in one month but I can hope :P

4. Zuzu's Petals Love this pattern and I have yarn for it!

I'm also thinking of joining the Virago knit along but I would like to stay away from buying patterns for a while. I have so many that I have already purchased or were gifted to me I can't quite justify buying another pattern. However I do have the yarn all ready for it so we will see. If I don't buy the pattern I may cast on another Lisa Mutch pattern Nightlock which was gifted to me.

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